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Style Meets Space In The Stunning Mazda CX-70

Choice. It’s the most important thing to the modern consumer. We want what we want, and we want it exactly how we want it.

Proof? Look at your smart phone. Chances are you have the choice to get it in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your individual preferences.

Which is why Mazda is offering so much choice with its expanding range of SUVs, with the recent confirmation that the new CX-70 will be joining the Australian range before the end of 2024.

History has shown that Australians are fairly pragmatic consumers. If they have a family and require three rows of seats, they’ll look to a premium three-row (like the Mazda’s flagship CX-90). By contrast, if they only require two rows and prefer to use the larger luggage space for their lifestyle pursuits, they now have the option of the new CX-70.

The smoothly sculpted and eye-catching CX-70 is the fourth member of the Large Product Group, Mazda’s new line-up of premium, dynamically focused vehicles, joining the CX-60, forthcoming CX-80 and CX-90.

Twenty years ago, the idea of offering four different SUVs to the Australian market would have seemed like oversupply, but today, with demand for the ultimate modern family car booming, across all shapes, sizes and seating configurations, it’s all about making sure that potential buyers have the most choice possible.

When Mazda Australia first offered a pair of  three-row SUVs - the CX-8 and CX-9 - locally, the media questioned the wisdom of offering so much choice not to mention whether the two derivatives would overlap one another. But as Mazda anticipated, the pair would appeal to different buyer profiles and soon become two of the brand’s best-selling models locally.

Offering buyers so much choice across its supportive national dealer network – from value-packed hatchbacks to rugged 4x4s and premium SUVs – reinforces why Australia has long been one of the biggest and most successful markets for Mazda globally.

Mazda Australia’s Marketing Director Alistair Doak explains that offering the quartet of products is all about giving local customers the freedom to choose the SUV that best suits their needs, and their lifestyle.

“There is an obvious size difference with this new CX-70, it’s bigger proportioned than the CX-60. There's no question about that. So, realistically, it just comes down to the customer’s preference and lifestyle,” Doak said.

“If you want that extra luggage space, if you prefer the presence of a larger SUV with an athletic appearance then obviously you'll default to the CX-70 as our flagship five-seat SUV. And for some people that's enough.”

If you don’t have a large family, you also may not need the CX-90’s three row layout, so a CX-70 makes more sense. While other customers’ preferences and needs may be better suited to the nimble CX-60 or a smaller CX-5, or a CX-30 or CX-3. So, you know, there's lots of choice there, which has obviously always been our position.”

The fact that Mazda Australia has been able to secure the CX-70 is a major achievement, as we are the only major market in the world that takes all four of the Large Product Group models. The slightly narrower CX-60 and forthcoming CX-80 were designed for the European and Japanese markets, while the larger CX-70 (two-row) and CX-90 (three-row) flagship models were created primarily for the USA. Australia receives the best of all worlds, with Mazda Australia’s Managing Director Vinesh Bhindi crediting the agility of the company’s global operations for the ability to offer such diversity in our market.

“You’ve got to look at it from a bigger picture,” Bhindi said. “If you look at Mazda Corporation, it’s very small globally but also has the advantage of being an independent auto manufacturer compared to the others. There’s no tie-ups where someone else is dictating what they can do. But being small gives you the ability to be very nimble and flexible, and therefore gives us the opportunity as Mazda Australia to knock on the doors and ask for something that's niche, that's lower volume, because they have that ability to secure from the supplier base.

“Most of the other markets have only got access to two out of the four new SUV offerings, so CX-70 and CX-90 in North Americas left-hand drive markets, then we’ve got CX-60 and the forthcoming CX-80 together with other major markets like Europe and Japan and Australia.

“We're lucky enough, and will be privileged enough to offer all four.”

Bhindi believes the newer models are hitting the mark with Australian buyers, too. The idea behind the Large Product Group is to offer something even more premium than the existing Mazda range, giving long-time owners an option over and above the CX-5 to step up while also luring new buyers from more overt luxury brands.

“I'm satisfied with our progress. This is something new for the brand in terms of what we call ‘Mazda Premium’, to take our existing customers first and foremost on a path and a journey and give them a premium offering that still presents excellent value in its segment” Bhindi said.

By offering more choice in the premium market, Mazda Australia has no intention of abandoning its value-led core of models that have made it the second best-selling brand in the country.

“But we're not giving up our existing ground. There's always value that we have to demonstrate and we intend to keep that,” he explained.

“We've got good value options of products across our portfolio. But yes, we still have further sales potential when it comes to the large-platform products. And as we move into the next phase of the launch programs, and as products arrive, our opportunities will evolve.”

After all, no one walks into a dealership or mobile outlet complaining of too much choice.